Download 3000 Vocabulary APK Unbegrenztes Geld

Download 3000 Vocabulary APK Unbegrenztes Geld

App Information of 3000 Vocabulary

App Name 3000 Vocabulary
Package Name com.trantheanh.vocabulary3000
Rating 4.2 ( 622 )
Size 89.8 MB
Category Apps, Education

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Description of 3000 Vocabulary

With repeated learning methods and reflexes, the application helps you master the 3000 most commonly used English words for 30 days.

If the review mode is turned on (which is recommended), the app will prompt you to review learned words in an optimal period in order to help you always remember. The repeat and reflex method will help you learn 3000 words in 30 days and the review mode will help you not to forget what you have learned.

Stay updated to get more words’ s images in the new version, learning with images will help you remember better.

Future versions will include content packages such as phrasal verb, idiom and support more native language.

Make suggestions to help us improve the product, to be able to help you more in your English learning.

3000 Vocabulary app’s journey:


Version 2.2
– Add Flashcard & Pronunciation

Version 2.3
– Fix UI bugs
– Improve vocabulary page design

Version 2.4
– Support native language in Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Version 2.5
– Support Arabic language

Version 2.6
– Support Chinese

Version 2.7
– Support Korean

Version 2.8
– Support Japanese & Bangla

Version 2.9
– User can use a list of specific words for learning (custom word list)
– Fix bugs on menu’s text language which prevent user from understanding

Version 3.0
– Fix pronunciation bugs in some devices
– Add option to choose pronunciation in American English and United Kingdom English
– Present ‘Listening training’ feature

Version 3.1
– Divide word list into the level. Now the user has another option in the curriculum.

Version 3.2
– Support Farsi (Persian) & Turkish native language

Version 3.3
– New feature: User now can create new words

Version 3.4:
– User can learn word list divided by word type: Noun, verb, adjective, adverb
– Upgrade pronunciation feature
– Present military levels (in beta testing)

Version 3.5:
– Support Polish, Urdu, Hindi native language
– Fix bugs & improve some design

Version 3.5.2:
Improve Pronunciation Playlist feature
– Play pronunciation in background service
– Play pronunciation even when user exit app and turn off the screen
– Allow play pronunciation with headphone

Update version 3.6:
– Support Tamil, Hebrew, Thai, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech

Update version 3.6.1: Fix bug in learning as the level feature.

Update version 3.7: Support Greek, Telugu, Italian, Kurdish

Update version 3.8
– Support Hungarian, Hausa, Marathi, Bulgarian, Kannada
– Add ‘Shuffle’ feature to pronunciation playlist.
– Fixed bugs

Update version 3.9
– Support Uzbek, Malayalam, Myanmar, Romanian, Croatian

Update version 4.0:
– Present ‘Quick Practice’ feature: Allow user to quickly practice no need to open app

Update version 4.1:
– Fix bugs:
– Annoying ‘three stars’ effect
– Lack the ‘L’ character in filter list
– Make it easier to create your own word

Update version 4.2. Support more languages: Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Pashto, Sinhala, Nepali, Gujarati, Slovenian, Mongolian, Kiswahili

Update version 4.5:
– Support word’s definition in English.
– Fix bugs and improve design

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