Download Full ハイドアンドファイア – 対ゾンビ、マルチプレイ、対戦でガンシューティング!FPS、TPSゲーム 2.7.0 MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Download Full ハイドアンドファイア – 対ゾンビ、マルチプレイ、対戦でガンシューティング!FPS、TPSゲーム 2.7.0 MOD APK Unlimited Gems

App Information of ハイドアンドファイア - 対ゾンビ、マルチプレイ、対戦でガンシューティング!FPS、TPSゲーム

Description of ハイドアンドファイア - 対ゾンビ、マルチプレイ、対戦でガンシューティング!FPS、TPSゲーム

迫り来るゾンビなど強敵をシューティング!ガンシューティングゲーム『HIDE AND FIRE』!通常プレイ以外にも対戦モードからオンライン協力マルチプレイまで幅広く楽しめるFPS、TPS。

『HIDE AND FIRE』は近未来の戦場を舞台に、市街地や地下鉄駅、工場などのステージで次々現れる敵を撃ち倒していきます。

▼Don’t worry!!▼

▼It’s exciting!!▼

▼You are surviver!!▼

▼They are amazing!!▼

▼Oh Jesus!!▼

■『HIDE AND FIRE』はこんな人におススメ■

Shoot strong enemies such as impending zombies! Gun shooting game “HIDE AND FIRE”! In addition to normal play, FPS and TPS that can be enjoyed widely from battle mode to online cooperative multiplayer.

“HIDE AND FIRE” is a battlefield in the near future, and it shoots down enemies appearing in urban areas, subway stations, factories and other stages one after another.
※ Basic play is free. There are some in-game charges.

▼ Do n’t worry! ! ▼
It is okay for the first time! Gun shooting easy to enjoy with simple operation
With three simple operations, “Hide and avoid attack”, “Move to left and right” and “Aim and attack at once”, you can enjoy a refreshing sense of play and deep strategicity.
It is possible to practice playing fun by clearing polite tutorials and fulfilling initial missions.
Full of elements unique to shooting games such as “head shot” and “grenade”!

▼ It’s exciting! ! ▼
Not only shooting game fans but also TPS and FPS game fans are very happy! Online cooperative multiplayer with up to 4 people! “Competition mode” to enjoy with friends!
A battle mode in which you cooperate with your friends against various types of powerful boss monsters.
Create a team of four and defeat the mighty enemy! You can also invite friends of the same clan or real friends in LINE to play together.
You can easily enjoy the excitement of TPS and FPS games with your smartphone!

▼ You are surviver! ! ▼
It’s like a survival game! ? “Battle mode” to enjoy from Taiman to team battle!
A battle mode in which players fight in real time.
Various play modes such as 1 vs 1 tieman, 2 vs 2 · 4 vs 4 team battle are just like survival game! !

▼ They are amazing! ! ▼
Train characters and weapons and become the strongest soldier!
We will collect parts and weapons while clearing missions and stages.
Enhance weapons and characters based on materials and aim for the strongest mercenary group!

▼ Oh Jesus! ! ▼
Shoot zombies with real guns such as sniper rifles! It’s a movie-like worldview!
Many real guns appear! Sniper zombies and gargoyles approaching as a skilled sniper!
Let’s taste the realism like a movie!

■ “HIDE AND FIRE” is recommended for such people ■
Those who like gun shooting games
People who like FPS and TPS games
Those who like survival games
Someone who likes zombies

■ Required environment ■ (Some models do not operate even if they meet the environment)
OS 4.1 or higher
Free space 1.6GB or more
※ Please secure the capacity before installation

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