Download Full 夢幻模擬戰 2.4.0 MOD APK Unlimited Cash

Download Full 夢幻模擬戰 2.4.0 MOD APK Unlimited Cash

Description of 夢幻模擬戰

【奇蹟的交錯 空之軌跡聯動登場】

【戰棋演武 華麗派戰棋大作登場】

【全程語音 日本全明星聲優陣容】

【感動劇情 劍與魔法的英雄長歌】

【超大容量 多線分支+歷代人氣關卡】

【互動養成 全角色專屬劇情關卡】

您可以在遊戲中訂閱“原諒的時鐘”,訂閱價格為NTD 30元,訂閱週期為30天。


Google官方訂閱功能為自動續費訂閱,由Google 商店 Account進行確認支付,用戶需手動在Google 商店設置管理中取消自動續訂功能。訂閱自動續費將於每個訂閱週期結束前的24小時之內進行扣費,並由Google 商店進行確認支付。如果需要取消訂閱功能,您需要於訂閱結束前至少24小時關閉自動續費功能。如果在此時間之前未能取消自動續費,則訂閱週期會自動延續。



[The miraculous staggered air trajectory linkage debut]
“Fantasy Simulation Warfare” and Japan’s Falcom company carried out heavy cooperation, “Dream Simulation Warfare” x “The Track of the Air” linked debut! The guerrillas’ time-space adventure is about to come, and the hero of the air track visits the continent of Alu Salia! Linked to the second bomb, Ryan Hart, Ryan, and Olivier became heroes with the commanders to take risks and regain classic memories.

[War of the war chess, the gorgeous war chess game debut]
The gorgeous war chess series “Dream Simulation Warfare”, produced by Masaya Studio, is known as one of the three works of Japanese SRPG. The great battle effect is its core game experience! In this work, 100% of the original taste is restored. The arms are mutually restrained, the topographical factors determine the battlefield pattern, and the combat strategy becomes extremely important. In the battle process, the style of the gorgeous game is fully demonstrated.

[Full voice Japan All-Star seiyuu lineup]
Including all the BGMs of the dynasties, and invited the original series composer Mr. Yan Chui Dexing (game music masterpiece “grantia” series, “reverse referee” series, “fantasy simulation war” series, etc.), personally play the game music . The predecessor of the seiyuu set up Ryotaro Taro with the popular first-line star seiyuu, Yuki Yuki, Noto Mami, and early seeing Saori, etc., together to form an all-star seiyuu lineup of more than 30 people, and for the first time to achieve the full range of voice.

[Touching the story, the long song of the sword and magic]
This is the only official sequel to the series, and it is the first time this series has landed on the mobile platform! The original story of the million-word novel class, not only the new protagonist joined, the popular character of the original series will also debut! The story returns to the familiar “Alu Salia” continent, the legend of the Holy Sword Orchid Gulissa is coming to you…

[Ultra-capacity multi-line branch + historical popularity level]
This work will have an original story with a capacity of 1 million words and a large capacity. At the same time, as a return to the whole series, it contains many classic battles in the original 5 generations, with a total of more than 300 levels. The game level design includes dozens of ways to protect the NPC from survival, the whole body in the army, and the enemy to block the enemy, which greatly increases the fun of the game.

[Interactive development, full-character exclusive plot level]
羁绊 The system joins, along with the improvement of the good feeling between the player and the hero, unlock the exclusive plot level, and listen to Ta telling the story of the life connected with the holy sword. The transfer system that is most anticipated by the players in the original series has been fully utilized in this work. Each hero has an exclusive independent transfer tree, and can be flexibly transferred according to the overall needs of the team to achieve the greatest strength.

“Fantasy Simulation Warfare” subscription feature description and Google official subscription feature notes
1. Subscription price and period
You can subscribe to the “forgive clock” in the game, the subscription price is NTD 30 yuan, the subscription period is 30 days.

2. About subscription content
Users who subscribe to the “forgive clock” can get a privileged experience during the subscription period. The privileged content is: 1 any step in the battle can be rolled back to the previous operation (3 times per battle, team and PVP combat can not be used) 2) The physical strength consumed by the battle failure is reduced by 50%.

3. About automatic renewal
Google’s official subscription feature is an auto-renewable subscription, which is confirmed by the Google Store Account, and users need to manually cancel the auto-renew feature in Google Store Settings Management. Subscription auto-renewals will be debited within 24 hours of the end of each subscription period and confirmed by the Google Store. If you need to unsubscribe, you will need to turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription. If the automatic renewal is not cancelled before this time, the subscription period will automatically continue.

【contact us】
“Fantasy Simulation Battle” official website:
“Dream Simulation Battle” Customer Service Email:
“Fantasy Simulation Battle” FB Fan Group:

※The content of the game involves sex, violence, and inappropriate language. It is classified into 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
※The game plot is purely fictional, pay attention to the use of time, do not indulge or improperly imitate.
※ Some contents must be paid separately, and should not be stored by others to avoid breaking the law.

※This game service area is limited to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

App Information of 夢幻模擬戰

App Name 夢幻模擬戰
Package Name com.gamebeans.mhmnz
Version 2.4.0
Rating 7.4 ( 16949 )
Size 65.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Updated 2019-03-18
Installs 100,000+

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