Download Full 海島紀元 1.0.1 MOD APK Unlimited Cash

Download Full 海島紀元 1.0.1 MOD APK Unlimited Cash

App Information of 海島紀元

App Name 海島紀元
Package Name com.netease.hdjytw
Version 1.0.1
Rating 6.0
Size 838.2 MB
Requirement Android 4.2+
Updated 2019-03-19

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Description of 海島紀元


· 建設蠻荒島嶼!
– 舉起伐木斧和礦鎬,採集資源,讓建築由平地而起
– 發展工坊、獸欄和碼頭,生產、加工並販賣商品
– 種植收穫一片農田,或是偷偷從鄰居那裡「借點」……
· 創造奇趣道具!
– 將元素之靈注入瓶中,釋放自然界原始的力量
– 帶上一根堅韌的魚竿,與機靈的滑頭大魚搏鬥
– 準備豐富的食材和佐料,烹飪無可比擬的美味
· 馴服花樣寵物!
– 在風光旖旎的幻想大陸,與習性迥異的寵物共處
– 學習獵團的馴獸之道,於繁花之陣中與寵物一同起舞
– 餵養照顧你的伙伴,在契約技中解放它們真正的力量
· 挑戰狡猾敵人!
– 切換不同武器,組合搭配技能,在多種戰鬥風格中轉換
– 觀察環境中可交互的一切,利用元素間的轉化佔據戰鬥優勢
– 在怪物的猛烈攻擊下尋找弱點,直擊要害,收獲豐盛戰利品


※ 本應用遊戲為免費試用,內另有提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。
※ 請依個人興趣、能力進行體驗,並注意使用時間,避免沉迷。
“Island Era” is a large-scale multiplayer online adventure mobile game developed by NetEase. The fresh style of painting, the freedom of light sandbox, the cool elements of linkage, and the rich fun gameplay bring different game experiences to players.

[game features]
· Building a wild island!
   – Raise the felling axe and mine, collect resources, and let the building rise from the ground
   – Development workshops, animal tracks and docks to produce, process and sell goods
   – Planting a harvest of farmland, or secretly borrowing from neighbors…
· Create singular props!
   – Inject the spirit of the element into the bottle, releasing the original power of nature
   – Bring a tough fishing rod and wrestle with the clever slick big fish
   – Prepare a wide range of ingredients and ingredients to create an unparalleled taste
· Tame a pet!
   – Coexist with pets with different habits in a fantasy continent
   – Learn the nature of the hunting corps and dance with the pets in the flowering array
   – Feed your partner and liberate their true power in contract technology
· Challenge the enemy!
   – Switch between different weapons, combine and match skills, and convert in multiple combat styles
   – Observe everything that can be interacted in the environment, taking advantage of the transformation between elements to take advantage of the battle
   – Find weaknesses under the violent attack of monsters, hit the key, and harvest rich trophies

If you like our game, please pay attention to the game’s official website, the official Facebook fan group, the official YouTube channel for more game updates. Please feel free to give us comments and comments.
The official website of the “Island Era”:
The official FB fan group of “Island Era”:
The official YouTube channel of the “Island Era”:
“Island Era” online return address:

※ “Island Era” is classified as a general level according to the classification method of game software.
※ This application game is a free trial, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
※ Please experience according to your personal interests and abilities, and pay attention to the use of time to avoid addiction.

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