Download Full LiquidSky PC Cloud Gaming on Android (Closed Beta) 0.4.7 APK MOD Full Unlimited

Download Full LiquidSky PC Cloud Gaming on Android (Closed Beta) 0.4.7 APK MOD Full Unlimited

Description of LiquidSky PC Cloud Gaming on Android (Closed Beta)


**Controller is highly recommended for optimal gamingexperience.
***Currently only supporting Android 6.0+

LiquidSky lets you run any PC game on your Android device! Simplyopen the LiquidSky app, create an account, and your device istransformed into a Windows Gaming PC. Run games like Fallout 4,Call of Duty, Witcher 3, Rocket League, and many more! You don’teven need to own a computer!

To get started we recommend logging into your Steam, Blizzard, orOrigin accounts after purchasing a plan in the app. By logging intoone of these storefronts you will be able to access your existinglibrary of games and play them on your Android device.

It is recommended to use a controller and play controller supportedgames for the optimal experience. LiquidSky supports almost anyOTG/Bluetooth keyboard, mouse or controller. We recommend theGameSir wired controller here

LiquidSky requires a stable 4G or 5Ghz WiFi internet connection tofunction properly and may not be compatible with your Androiddevice. For the best experience, we recommend being within 500km ofa data center. We currently have 6 data centers across theworld.

Data Center Locations Include: San Jose, CA – Dallas, TX -Washington D.C. – Frankfurt, Germany – London, UK – Hong Kong

LiquidSky is currently in beta, please keep this in mind and joinour community at

Learn more at

Have questions? Visit our F.A.Q for more information:
Or Join the community at

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