Download Full Qeeda Game – Play and Earn Real Money 0.5.8 APK MOD Unlimited Cash

Download Full Qeeda Game – Play and Earn Real Money 0.5.8 APK MOD Unlimited Cash

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Description of Qeeda Game - Play and Earn Real Money

Ab paise jeetna aur shopping Karna hua aasan!

Download the qeeda game app now and get a chance to win 1.65*money every time you play the game. To play qeeda game is very easy. Just choose the game of your interest and select the game table.

Each game has a small amount of entry fee, the winner earns 1.65* of the entry fee. We provide a few coins equals the entry fees of every table, every time you lose. So, you never really lose anything in the game.

Each game table has a particular entry fee, winning amount for the winner which equals to 1.65x of entry fee and qeeda coins for the runner up which are equals to the entry fee. For example, if you want to play on Lucky Dice game table “LDT10”, you have to pay an entry fee amount of INR 10. If you win, you get INR 16.5 & if you lose the game, you get 10 Qeeda coins worth of INR 10.


Each game runs for max 4-5 mins. So you have a chance to earn up to 1650 in every 5 minutes. Just select the table and click on the “Start Game” button, an opponent will be connected with you. As soon as you both will join in together one has to win and one has to lose. Winners will acquire real cash money and the runner up will attain coins to shop further with our merchandise.


As the name suggests, roll the dice, and winning is on your luck! Lucky dice is a game where two opponents join in together but remember this isn’t a gambling or real competition. One has to score the target of 50 in every table, neither more than 50 nor less than that. First to score exact 50 will win cash money and the other will receive coins as explained above. It’s a win-win situation on each side of the game as explained above.


Another interesting game launched by Qeeda is Dots & Boxes. A quick description of the game is that you have to create lines and make maximum boxes to win the game. Wait for the end result even if you are holding a maximum number of boxes. Also, you can chat while playing the game for fun add your own phrases but be humble. Play, earn and shop!


Easy to play games
Multiple games will be added soon
A chance to win real cash rewards every time you win
Shop with coins
Earn more by bringing in your friends and family. Invite to earn!


Money can be directly withdrawn to your bank account. All you have to do is open your qeeda wallet. choose a withdrawal type out of PayTM, net banking, or Bank Transfer, enter the withdrawal amount, and get paid within three business days. You can also get paid within minutes if you’re a prime user with a subscription of only 99 rupees.
Use of qeeda coins
Qeeda coins are rendered to the runner up of the game. Amount of coins earned depends upon which table they are playing on.


Currently, we have tied-up with NBB and INMEE which will be operational soon. You need an account on selected merchant registered with the same mobile number as on Qeeda App. To redeem coins click on the redeem button in Qeeda Wallet. If your account heretofore exists, then your coins will be retrieved else you have to create an account on the me with the same number registered on qeeda.


Offline shopping with qeeda coins has become simpler. Just click on the “Scan” option first, then scan the QR code provided by the respective shop. After the code is scanned the details of the shop arise on its own. Every shop has its own policy on how much % of coins are accepted. Soon our new merchants will be accepting 100% qeeda coins because we treat one coin equals to one rupee.


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Play, not just to earn money but also to shop with qeeda coins!

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