Download Full Text Viewer & Voice Reader-Offline APK MOD Full Unlimited

Download Full Text Viewer & Voice Reader-Offline APK MOD Full Unlimited

App Information of Text Viewer & Voice Reader-Offline

Description of Text Viewer & Voice Reader-Offline

Since the inception of mankind man striving for betterment and advancement but besides this he works for luxurious life as well. In this modern era where everyone is busy in different aspects it is quite hard to read any research paper or any long document but at the same time it is important to know that what is there in some particular document so you don’t need to worry. This app is the best remedy for this, as this app speaks out the whole document for you.
It is the best one for listing to any particular document available anywhere in your device.
There might be other apps working for the same luxurious aspect but this app is decorated with following incomparable features:
• No Internet Required.
• Full screen ads appears once during usage of application
• No external downloads after installation.
• View Documents (pdf, txt, java etc.).
• Listen to Documents.
• Copy any text from internet and listen to it.
It is a Research that human remembers what he listen rather than what we read so don’t procrastinate and download the app.
Few special characters cannot be spoken by the android so copy the text without that character and paste in “Type Text to Read” and listen it.

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