Download Mx Tube: Popular Video, Music & Virtual Reality 3.4.0 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Download Mx Tube: Popular Video, Music & Virtual Reality 3.4.0 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Description of Mx Tube: Popular Video, Music & Virtual Reality

Download Mx Tube to watch most popular buzz videos today! These awesome trending videos include some music videos, VR videos, 360 videos for your entertainment. You can browse all popular videos by genre. There are also amazing features to improve your experience. Get Mx Tube – Buzz Tube today!

Features of Mx Tube:
Mx Tube has following features.

– Watch the most popular and buzz video by categories
– Watch music video by genres
– Browse and enjoy 360 video by genres
– Inline playback
– Related video, buzz tube, and VR video
– Search
– Playlist
– Full screen playback
– Compatible with 360 video, 3D panorama video, and normal video

☆Browsing the most popular and trending buzz tube video by category
You can watch latest trending video and VR video by categories.

☆Watch music videos by genres
You can watch latest trending music video by genres.

☆Compatible with VR video playback
There are many kinds of vr video and 360 video to watch on Mx Tube. From cute animal video to scary horror video, ski・snowboard・skydive, sports and adventure. Whispering voice, ride in a fighter aircraft, aerial images by flying drone. Korean idol group’s dancing, virtual dating with a girl. Virtual traveling to famous tourist spots, experiencing roller coasters. Famous movie’s virtual reality video.

360 video is a video that can interactively watch with moving viewpoints by swiping and tilting the device. In the 3D panorama video, you can also watch the video three-dimensionally by using a VR headset.

How to use Mx Tube to watch the most popular Buzz Video and Music video:

☆Full screen playback
Rotate the device horizontally, then the screen size will be automatically maximized.

☆Enable VR mode
Tap the headset icon on playing vr video and enjoy buzz tube.

☆Add to playlist
Tap the heart-shaped icon.

☆Reset rotation
Touch the target-shaped icon to reset the rotation while playing 360 ° video.


MxTube can be used for the following usages.

・ Check latest trends (or buzz videos) with watching daily popular video
・ Play music video as a background
・ Watch latest news, variety show, anime and movies on YouTube
・ Experience immersive VR video with VR goggles


This app uses following libraries.

・ Three.js
・ WebVR Polyfill
・ WebVR Boilerplate
・ Picasso
・ Android Open Source Project
・ Crosswalk


– Mx Tube is a YouTube video streaming app. There is no function to download video. It is necessary to be online when playing (it does not support to offline playback)
– Bug reporting can be made from the menu
Some minor modifications and bug fixes.

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