Download You Beauty Makeup : InstaSelfie Makeover camera 1.4 MOD APK Full

Download You Beauty Makeup : InstaSelfie Makeover camera 1.4 MOD APK Full

Description of You Beauty Makeup : InstaSelfie Makeover camera

* Beauty contains more than 100+ beautiful makeup styles and filters.
* It’s can help you remove blemish,whiteheads,blackheads,pimples,acnes and rosacea to get a flawless skin selfie.
* Change eye color and overlay makeup to style your look any time.
* Eyebrow Editor, easily find the best eyebrow style for your face’s and edit your look.
* Photo effects to You Beauty Makeup (built-in up to 15 kinds of effects, such as Clyde, Dean, Sage, Lucky and so on)
* Instantly enhance your complexion glow with our “Beautify” tool and “Flawless” skin is yours with adjustable skin tones and effortless tans to give your selfie a polished, finishing touch.
* Bright storm
* Add blush and contour! remove shine for a pristine, natural look.Unique,amazing and vivid motion numerous of filters.
* Ornate picture frame
* Face Swap Insta : Selfie possesses powerful photo editor functions.
* Manage effect using Increase & Decrease progress bar.
* Ornate picture frame
* Picture Scene
* Focus and blur function You Beauty Makeup
* Warmth effect

–> Flawless Skin & Face Editor
–> Candy Selfie photo dozens filters and makeup help you to beautify photos in a smart way.
–> Try Makeup, Auto Beautify Before Taking a Photo & Shop Your Favorite makeup
–> Flawless Skin & Face Editor
–> Hairstyle & Hair Color Changer InstaSelfie Makeover camera
–> Eye-catching Makeovers
–> Crop photos to any size as your wish.
–> Make your own meme 3D Glitch Effect Style Edit in this apps make over.
–> Include New Color gradient(RGB) on! 80+ Lipstick.
–> Is a powerful photo editor with many fabulous makeup effects
–> Eyebrow Editor
–> Eliminate acne, make your face flawless
// Remove blemishes, Teeth Whitening and skin Whitening
// Red-eye reduction
// Erase dark circles under your Eyes and make them Look
// Lipstick and lip? gloss! Choose classic matte color and shine your Lips
// A Virtual Makeover – In Seconds with beauty makeup
// Picture rotation
* Save your final result to your gallery and on your SD card.
* Image Cut
* Get dark eyes, straight nose and V-shaped face in seconds!
* Gorgeous smile seems go better with whiten-teeth
* widen your eyes and reinforce the contour, it makes your eyes more beautiful InstaSelfie Makeover camera
* Click Smile, then mouth slightly upward to show more charming smile.
* Image size adjustment

• Create great in makeup!
• Lot’s of Filters from the Romantic to the Dramatic!
• Hair Changer, Colorant, colorize, Colors of Blonde, Burgundy Hair & Lipstick!
• professional makeup technique filters!
• Eye Brow Colorizer, Eye Changer by InstaSelfie Makeover camera!

* Painting and graffiti, can freely set the brush size and hardness, to meet different needs fo beauty tips You Beauty Makeup.
* Adjust image color and brightness, adjust the exposure insufficient.
* Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, saturation
* Motion Pictures live selfies
* Just sliding around the main interface to select the picture and then edit the picture
* Easily import photos from the gallery or take new photo from camera

There is no other app that functions like a real camera You Cam Beauty Make up.

You Beauty Makeup : instaselfie makeover Camera Great photo Editor for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebookcomes from PIP Camera big family.
Add new Lipsticks and beauty styles

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