Free Download Korean Phrasebook – Learn Free APK Unbegrenzt Gems

Free Download Korean Phrasebook – Learn Free APK Unbegrenzt Gems

App Information of Korean Phrasebook – Learn Free

App Name Korean Phrasebook – Learn Free
Package Name
Rating 4.6 ( 1,073 )
Size 15.4 MB
Requirement Android 4.1 and up
Updated 2016-10-10
Installs 10,000 - 50,000
Category Apps, Education

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Description of Korean Phrasebook – Learn Free

Learn how to read & speak Koreaninminutes: The best offline phrasebook with audio guide thatteachesyou the correct grammar and pronunciations of words andphrases inthe Korean Language!

You can listen to audio recordings of native languagespeakersand learn to understand AND
speak Korean – anytime, anywhere!

Just download Hello Pal’s free Korean Phrasebook, andstartdeveloping your Korean vocabulary and language skills byusingphrases from the phrasebook as you need them in real life!

The Korean Phrasebook app is a comprehensive Koreandictionarywith vocabulary building tools and translations that helpyoupractice and learn Korean in an easy way. This app takeslanguagelearning to a whole new level! It provides pre-recordedaudios fromnative Korean speakers for commonly used words andphrases that arepart of day-to-day conversations. You can listen totheserecordings and repeat them to get your pronunciation right.Thephrases also help you understand how sentences are formed soyoucan perfect your Korean grammar!


Dictionary of over 2,000 commonly-used phrases,organizedneatly into categories and sections, useful foreverydayconversation and building your language vocabulary​
Customizable phrases lets you insert vocabulary wordsthatyou really need (For example: “I am from [England]” can bechangedto “I am from [Spain]”)
Audio recordings by native speakers which you can usetopractice speaking. Comprehensive audio guide for you to getthepronunciation right.​
• The audio recordings have two types • anormal-speedversion and a slow version, to make iteasier to followwhen you are trying to go for the perfectpronunciation
• Each phrase has a regular translation, but also includesaLITERAL translation so you can better understand howeachphrase is put together in the Korean grammar, word forword
• Access your Hello Pal Phrasebook anywhere: evenOFFLINE


Learning with our free mobile app is like having a nativespeakertutor you through applying your new language: you’ll getaudiorecordings from native speakers from the audio guide which youcanmimic, along with translations and explanations on how eachphrasehas been put together, creating a deeper understanding foryour newlanguage. This will enable you to get the correct grammarandpronunciation for every word and phrase.

Discover the benefits of learning a language through practiceandreal-life application.

Other available languages:
• Arabic
• English (American)
• Chinese (Mandarin)
• Dutch
• Filipino (Tagalog)
• French
• German
• Hindi
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Portuguese (Brazil)
• Russian
• Spanish (Spain)
• Thai
• Turkish

The Korean Phrasebook by Hello Pal provides an easy way foryouto practice your grammar and build your vocabulary in Koreanbyincluding a handy dictionary which can be used to searchfordifferent words and phrases that will help improveyourconversational skills.

This app goes much beyond a regular language translation appthattranslates words and phrases for you. With Hello Pal, weenable youto become a fluent speaker of any language you want!


Hello Pal’s mission is to bring the world closer together byhelpingeliminate one of the key obstacles to mutual understandingbetweenpeople – the language barrier.

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